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Scroll below to checkout our recommended products to get your studio all set up. Yes, there are affiliate links attached to the products and we only recommend items we use ourselves and know you'll need, too! 

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Blue Yeti Microphone

This is the microphone every podcaster uses. It's easy to setup and delivers high quality audio from your office. I like to store it on my bookcase and plug it into my laptop's USB connector when I am ready to record!


If you'd like to improve the audio quality of your Blue Yeti microphone, you can grab a foam cover and a stand to clip the microphone to your desk to avoid any accidental bumps that might get picked up from nudging the microphone.

Lavalier Microphone

Otherwise known as a "lav" or "lav mic." I like to carry this one with me when I am traveling, in case I ever want to record an episode on the road when inspiration strikes. I just plug it into my headphone jack and record. It's also good for those who are standing and using their hands a lot so the microphone is clipped on your shirt and stays close to your mouth.

(You do NOT have to get a lav mic AND a Blue Yeti. One or the other is fine. I like both for the convenience sake).


Camera - Logitech HD Webcam

Clip this HD Webcam onto your laptop and start recording! This webcam plugs into your laptop using a USB connection and records in 1080p (a high quality shot without exposing more than you'd like to see yourself!). It's the same webcam I use to record my episodes.

(Yes, you can go ahead and use a DSLR camera and record to a HD card. I think the webcam is easier and still records in 1080p).





If you need better lighting in your recording studio, grab a ring light. This one comes with a tripod so it will stand on its own. Pick the color setting that best compliments your skin tone.




If you don't want to store the tripod in your office, then you can get a portable ring light that just clips to your laptop.


Background Lighting

If you want to spruce up your background lighting, consider adding an edison lamp behind you (if it matches your style). The amber glow gives the background more dimension and doesn't distort the color on your face. Or, you can use a regular lamp with a shade. Avoid any glass as the light from the front will reflect it and look bad in the shot.

MacBook Accessories


If you are working off one monitor, then you're not living life! Grab an extra monitor (or two) to increase your productivity. I like to have my recording software up on one screen and read my script from the other like a teleprompter.




You'll need an HDMI cord to connect your monitor to your adaptor. I like the short ones, so I don't have too many cords on my desk.



With all of these new devices, you're going to need more USB ports. If you don't already have an adaptor, get one.

(I have been through A LOT of adaptors. This is the best one I found. Whenever I got one with more ports, they just don't last as long. This is the best value.)



It may seem silly to spend $80 on a mouse, but I have probably spent the equivalent on cheap ones that just don't work. So, I upgraded and I am happy I did. Plus, it connects via Bluetooth which comes in handy given how many USB connections you're already going to use.



Did you know a Magic Mouse needs a special mouse pad? Neither did I, until I bought a bunch to figure out that the leather pad works best. Once you get it, then you're all set!

More colors are available.



I always get asked about this simple hack! Place your phone on a holder beside your laptop for more convenience.

More colors available.



You're going to need these, trust me.


Background Design


You can get started recording with the background you have now, but if you're ready to upgrade and want to brand your background then there's a few things you can do. I like a clean background, some books and a few accessories added for subtle branding. Keep the background neutral (dark backgrounds make you pop on screen more). You can either paint your wall or use removable wallpaper. Either way, pick a matte finish to avoid a reflection in the shot. Opt for chalk board paint for your brainstorming sessions!




Set a dresser, TV stand, bookcase or bookshelves behind you. Just use what you have around you, or grab these shelves for a quick solution.


Use your books and stick them on your shelf or furniture behind you. Organize them by color and ONLY use books that match your branding. Flip some of them around so that the exposed pages help absorb some of the echo in the room and help your audio quality.

If you don't have any books handy, grab some of these decorative books that match your branding.


Add some life to the shot with plants and flowers. Real or fake... the choice is yours! You can stack a few plants on your shelves or furniture behind you, or stick a floor plant beside it.



Get some bookends that you like for your books. Sprinkle in a few items of decor, like a clock or globe. Add a company mug beside your books and call it a day! Don't go overboard.


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