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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I start a podcast? Podcasts are best for people and companies who have knowledge to share and an offer to extend for sale. If you need to build trust with your audience before they can purchase from you, podcasts create a platform for you to share your expertise and offer valuable solutions to your listeners before they are ready to buy. You need to have a marketing channel that you own and can control the content that is created to build your own authority in the marketplace. You don't need a fancy setup or spend a lot of time getting ready to record an episode. Just have a solution to share and hit record. Whichever company has the most content to share will gain the most trust with a potential buyer.

How will my podcast generate new business? Using our Profitable Podcast Method, we will craft your show to promote your best-selling offer. Your show will be positioned as a solutions-oriented resource that addresses your potential prospect's problems, and positions your company as the best solution to resolve their pain. Once your podcast is setup appropriately and you start recording episodes, you can take the transcriptions of your episodes and self-publish your own book. Then, you can also start using your book to pitch yourself as a public speaker and generate speaking revenue. We do not recommend you get your podcast sponsored at the beginning of your show because you should be using that air time to sell your own products and services. Remember that the goal of your podcast is to build YOUR own authority.

What tech setup do I need? All you need is a microphone, laptop and a quiet room. When you sign up for the intensive, we will gift you a Blue Yeti microphone ($100 value). Next, just make sure you have a Zoom account ($15/mo) to record your episodes. Then, be sure to setup your laptop and microphone in a quiet room. Rooms without windows and a lot of hard surfaces work best. Try to add some pillows and blankets around to improve the audio. Do as best as you can and the editing software can take care of the rest.

How do I produce my podcast after the intensive? After the intensive, you'll be ready to start producing your podcast episodes. We offer two production solutions: 1) Done-For-You, and 2) Do-It-Yourself. If you'd like our team to produce your podcast show for you, we'd be happy to! We'll produce 4 episodes a month (three 15-minute episodes and one 30-minute interview). Ask for prices and availability here.


If you already have a marketing team ready to support you and you just need to know the system and software to use, you can purchase our on-demand course for $997. You'll learn the easiest way to edit episodes, how to create social media promo, and even get months ahead on your content calendar.

Will you script my episodes for me? No, we do not. We bring the strategy and systems, you bring the expertise! No one will do a better job getting your voice down than you.

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Not Quite Ready?

Wondering if creating a podcast is right for you, but not ready to apply yet? Download the guide below to learn the following.

  • The Misconception of Influence

  • 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Podcast

  • The Truth About Podcasts

  • How Podcasting Can Add Multiple Revenue Streams

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