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Online Marketing
& Business Strategy

Helping entrepreneurs build online authority.


Meet Alina Bonn

Alina Bonn is the President of Agency 94, Inc., a content marketing company that specializes in podcast production. Agency 94 works with clients in healthcare, economics, business consulting, engineering, communications, and more. Alina is the host of the Established podcast. Previously, she worked at an international finance association in New York City. Alina received her bachelors of science in business administration from The King's College and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Apply for Coaching

Struggling to start your online service? Overwhelmed with all of the options and strategies out there? Need someone to help strategize your next steps? Apply for 1:1 marketing and business coaching with Alina. She consults 6 figure+ entrepreneurs to build their online business. Speed up your learning curve and build a remote business you love. Spaces limited.

Working Together
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Listen to the Podcast

Learn about branding, marketing, sales and strategy for your online service business. Click below to listen on your favorite service.


Shorten the learning curve.
Become an online entrepreneur.

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